• Image of Mason Jar with Succulent Plants - 8 oz

Each 8 oz mason jar comes with a minimum of one life succulent plant and your choice of decorative fill. You can choose to have anywhere between 1 and 4 succulents per mason jar. Your item will arrive arranged, complete and ready to water! The compact size of the mason jar makes it ideal for decorating small spaces because it can fit along most windowsills and shelves. The small size of the jar also makes it a great addition to any office desk environment or a kitchen counter.

Succulent species will vary. Succulents are easy to care for, and have low water requirements.

Care instructions will be included in your order.

Mason jar is 2 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 4 inches long
Assembled item ranges from 3-5 inches tall

To see photos of our different decorative types, visit our website.

Unless you specify otherwise, your order will be filled with the default preferences:
- One 8 oz mason jar with one live succulent plant
- Decorative fill is round riverrock.